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Thursday 30-09-2021
During this extremely difficult and frustrating period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, all people in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general are not allowed to go out. Due to social isolation, CBC's activities at the office and especially the construction site have to be suspended. Difficulties and pressure do not discourage CBCers. All CBC members were very enthusiastic, eager and unanimous in participating, contributing to the success of the meaningful activity "Team Building Online" to release mental pressure; exercise, improve health to fight disease.

The activities in the "Team Building Online" chain are quite diverse, spread across all fields, in order to attract and find "promising potentials". CBC has Yoga, has Masterchef, has mysterious voices, has gamers and even Fashionista. Each activity has tough and challenging competitions. And the winners are really potential young candidates. You have passion, enthusiasm, talent and importantly, you have "beyond yourself", broke through, struggled out of your shell every day to find a fresh image. own radiance.

Health is a precious thing in life, especially during a period of prolonged epidemic around the world. Physical and mental health is always the most valuable asset of every person. Through physical and mental activities, we can overcome the epidemic together.