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Monday 21-12-2020
The Football Championship "CBC Cup 2020" has officially ended.
200 minutes of competition lasted for 7 hours, sweat drops, injuries, bumps, bleeding scratches ..., hunger and fatigue ...nothing could be comparable with the enthusiasm and spirit of the players to compete. The heat of the matches radiating from the players and the fans has never been so hot ...

Vietnam loves football and so does CBC. CBC is referred as King sport, wherever football is, there is CBC.
December 19 is considered as the most special day of the year for CBCers.
Festival of Football. 
Party of Football fans. 

The day of a such meaningful team building activities.
The day CBCers from the office to the site, from the North to the South had the opportunity to meet, exchange and learn from each other.

CBC CUP 2020 is more special than ever, because of the sporty spirit, love of football and the passion and desire to win of all the teams.
Thank you so much - the players, the fans for their dedication to the tournament, creating heat, great success and a special mark for the season of 2020. 
Congratulations to the CBC CUP 2020 - WORLDON A!
Congratulations to the teams and individuals who won the awards.
Once again, let's chant: CBC IS CHAMPION!
See you at CBC CUP 2021!