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Saturday 06-06-2020

Children's Day (June 1st) was really an occasion for CBC in particular and the hearts of generosity in general to give more love and find themselves receiving a lot of love.

The program was organized on the occasion of welcoming International Children's Day to partly compensate for the disadvantages for the less fortunate children, bringing them full of love and joy. And it will be very beautiful memories of childhood, for children to have fun, enjoy their happiness. Through the program "UOM AND TOA" (Incubate & Radiate), CBC hopes that it can contribute to incubate the seeds of talent, love of humanity among children and they can radiate positive energy to people around them.

CBC organized "Game and Food Festival" for nearly 250 pupils at Tran Phu primary school, Son Lap village, Tho Son commune, Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province.

They played games together. The winners got gift vouchers, then took the vouchers to the food court to exchange gifts which were the dishes prepared.

Game booths include: Try to be an artist (Painting), Colorful statues (Painting), Skillful hands (Making handmade bracelets), Tiny players (Soccer), Pound the piggy bank with blindfolded 

The food stall is also very diversity with many favorite dishes: cakes, sausages, candy colors, fruits, soft drinks...

Last but not least, coming with "UOM & TOA", CBC especially gave the students meaningful gifts: notebooks, pens, crayons, rice and milk. Wishing all pupils at Tran Phu school always get good health, good care, and good study in order to build bright and happy future.