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Tuesday 06-10-2020

The childhood of children living in rural areas is perhaps more or less as lucky as the pupils in the big city. Most of the children have little opportunity to play, and rarely participate in festivals, cultural and cultural activities. This is also one of the disadvantages in their spiritual life. Therefore, Mid-Autumn Festival is the day that they most look forward to, so volunteers like CBC want to do something meaningful, bring more or less joy to the children so that they can have. the opportunity to have fun with friends in the traditional festival of the homeland and receive a lot of love and care from everyone. Through the program "Moon of Love", CBC hopes that it can contribute to creating a full children's holiday, filled with happiness for the children.

We had two happy days, the school yard was full of laughter. The uncles and aunts are reliving their childhood, no need to go far, no need to "buy tickets" to go back to their childhood. Right at the yard of Vam Ray Primary School, Binh Son Commune, Hon Dat District, Kien Giang, all of us, nearly thirty people, had fun playing hard, laughing with nearly 300 children. Very happy, very happy, there are really depressing moments, the moments when we realized "There are many less fortunate people than me". The children here, born with difficult circumstances, will have to put in a lot of effort for their own future.

During the lantern festival, the children met "chị Hằng, chú Cuội" not only from books and pictures. We joined the children in games, lantern making competitions, and food stalls. Despite the age difference, but when we are close and have fun with the children, we are like returning to our own childhood. Be friends with primary school children, to be primary school students during their time in Vam Ray, Kien Giang.

Any fun is also time to break up. Very sad, some people don't want to go home, they just want to stay with them. But "we are far from each other so we can see you later", right?

CBCers wish all of the pupils of Vam Ray primary school always be healthy, attentive, and do well in school. See you the nearest day!