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Wednesday 03-11-2021
In the last days of November, there are just over two months left until Tet holiday. The work on the projects is only 7-8 weeks before everyone goes home to celebrate Tet holiday with their family. .

Recalling 3 months the city was closed because of Covid, CBC projects also had to temporarily suspend operations. The construction brothers, from engineers to workers, were all stuck. I can't go back to my hometown and I can't go back to where I live. Difficulty facing hundreds of times, sometimes craving for vegetables, pieces of meat are not available to eat. It's also not because there's no money, there's simply no place to sell. Looking at the meal of noodles and noodles, I love it...!

Those difficult days have gradually passed… Now, life is "the new normal". Although the epidemic is still there, everyone has to go to work and return to their livelihood... The atmosphere at the construction sites is busy and bustling...

The team of IPD Phuoc Dong - Long An IPD project team members was recently awarded an excellent collective award by the Board of Directors, especially my friend - who is at the forefront of the project. Well, we're also a bit close, but we're all worried about each other. My brother stands in both phase of IMG and another big brother is Nice Apparel in An Giang. Today, visit Long An to visit my friend, by the way congratulate and ask for all kinds of bets.

But admitting the project has his hands, each one is the same, clean and beautiful to look at. Hard to believe but I think it's true. Whatever the character of the commander in chief, the products he makes will be similar. Specifically, my friend - CHT of IPD Phuoc Dong, has a decisive personality, not too hasty, but also not slow and slow. Do it to the end, carefully, clearly.

That said, or else he'll be afraid to refuse to broadcast next time. Today, a few photos are flying, to celebrate the day we met again...